We are now raising all three AKC recognized colors of the Labrador Retriever! We have black, chocolate, and yellow! The yellow labs range in shade from a darker yellow to a white coat. We have all shades from time to time but mostly have the very light yellow/ivory/white coats. Check to see when our next litter will be born!! 

"If your dog doesn't like someone you probably shouldn't either."

- Unknown

Website last updated: 5-21-23


Call or text for puppy info at 270-585-1307!!



We are required to charge a 6% sales tax on each puppy.


We charge a $600 extra fee

for breeding rights with full

registration. Otherwise all

puppies will be sold with limited

registration. Ask us about full vs limited registration.


Dolly and Tripp just had an all WHITE litter of seven puppies.

They were born on Feb. 28th! There is one white male still available!

He is adorable and a very good boy! 

Call or text: 270-585-1307

This is him!






A past white litter!



Call or text today to send a deposit or for more information on current or upcoming litters:



Past chocolate puppies!







Past chocolate puppies!


As of 8/18/22 we can not find affordable crates! So we will not be offering these. When prices come down I will offer them again Thanks!!

We offer crates! It is a large 42 inch crate with a divider so you can adjust as your puppy grows! It has three doors and is the only crate your puppy will ever need. It sells for $70 and we can have it ready for you when you pick up your puppy! Let us know if are interested in getting a crate!



We offer a Cuddle Pal! These soft toys can be microwaved for warmth and is rubbed on mom and packed in cedar shaving! This is a  great transition toy that offers comfort to your new puppy! These sell for $10!


We feed Diamond Puppy Food and highly recommend that you keep your puppy on Diamond Puppy Food! We now have bags of Diamond Puppy Food available for you to purchase and take with you when you leave with your new puppy! The cost is $30. Let us know if you want a bag and we will have it ready for you when you pick up your new puppy!  


Our delivery service:

We will deliver or meet you with your new puppy for 80 cents a mile for trips within 150 miles. For trips 150-500 miles the cost is $0.75 per mile!!

Please let us know if you are interested in our delivery service!

See each individual puppy page for more pictures!







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